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Get Your Mobile Home Air Conditioner Serviced Before the Summer Heat Hits

April 1st, 2010 Comments off

ServiceThese last few weeks we have seen the temperatures climbing here in Tuscaloosa County and they are going to keep doing so. In order to keep your home cool and keep your a/c unit as efficient as possible routine maintenance and cleaning is very important. When your a/c pulls the hot air from your home in to cool it and re-circulate, it removes most of the dust and other air pollutants. This means that you will acquire some dirt, dust and debris during normal use and even in you have a filter in a return box in your floor or in your furnace if it is a split system unit, some smaller dust and dirt passes through. This passing dust will build up on top of and between the small aluminum fins of the coil and when there is any type of restriction of the air flow it causes the unit to work harder to move the air. This can also cause your a/c to freeze up and make it stop working. Once it is frozen, you have to cut the unit off and let it thaw and in the heat of summer, it can take hours and in that time the temperature of your home will jump drastically. Our certified HVAC team will come out and do a complete inspection of your unit, clean the coil with a special coil cleaner that will dissolve any dirt and dust particles even the ones so small the eye cannot see. A clean unit is an efficient unit and in these hard economic times we know everyone needs to make their monthly bills as low as possible. Call our technician out today and see how once a dirty unit is cleaned it will cool faster, more efficient and save money on your power bill.

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