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Tell us what you want to see

January 22nd, 2010 Comments off
Image representing Skribit as depicted in Crunchbase..

Image via CrunchBase

We hope that everyone is having a safe and productive new year so far. As many of you that follow or site know we have been trying to do as many things to connect us in the business with you the customer and user. We have a customer support page on GetSatisfaction for any suggestions or ideas you may have, a page on Twitter for quick updates, a Facebook page where we post quick updates as well and other things, a few small blogs on sites like posterous and tumblr as well. I am always looking for new technologies as the webmaster that will allow us to get input and ideas from our customers and users. There is a new service I have discover called Skribit you can see a widget on the right hand side of the site under our @Almobile on twitter section. What this does is let you the user suggest the topic you want us to write about here. If you have a simple question you want answered then the GetSatisfaction page would be the best place for that. If there is a topic to do with mobile home parts, camper parts or anything else to do with mobile homes you can suggest that we write about that topic. This is a new thing I have just setup, so I do not have any idea as to the amount of input that we will receive. I will try to write a news post or informative post on any topic that fits within our subject area. So please feel free to make use out of all of our tools at your disposal and again if you have any ideas or feedback you want to get to me you can do that via our GetSatisfaction page by clicking here of the Feedback tab on the left hand side of our website. We hope this is another tool you will find useful and thank you for being a part of our online community.


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Happy New Year

January 1st, 2010 Comments off
Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010

We wanted to take a quick minute to wish all of our loyal customers a safe and happy New Year!! We have many plans to help us better server you in 2010. We will continue to sell top quality Mobile Home and Camper parts and supplies for everyone in the Tuscaloosa County area. This is our second year doing our Online Parts Catalog for RV, Motorhome and Camper parts. We received some good feedback from those of you who used this service in 2009 and we hope the convenience will convince you to either make another order or try our Online Parts Catalog for the first time. It is a secure, safe way to get the RV parts you need delivered to you wherever the road may take you. We thank you for helping us make 2009 a great year of service and look forward to making 2010 even better. If you have ideas or recommendations please let us know via our Online Support Portal or the Feedback tab on the left of our web site. If you want to contact us in a more personal way please go to our Contact page and choose what way you would like to do that. For those who use the computer a lot do not forget to follow us on Twitter @almobile and become a fan on FaceBook to keep up with all of the latest quick news updates. Sometimes there are things that we need to say, but having our webmaster make a blog post such as this is a little much for a short news update. Also, many of us employees do not know how to do the web coding so that is left to the web developer. We are however getting “tweeting” down and the benefits of using FaceBook to reach our users. You can click on the links in this post to follow us at either place and get more small but important updates.

Again, we thank you for your continued business and support and hope to see you all in our store when we open back up for business on Monday January 4th at 8:00 a.m.

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OpenId Login Options

October 27th, 2009 Comments off
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You can now login our site using OpenId, MyOpenId, FaceBook, Twitter, Windows Live (Hotmail and MSN) and your Google account username and password. This makes leaving comments and other user only options much easier. You can also still make an account for just here as you always have been able to as well. This is just one of the many new options we are testing for our online setup.To see more about this click on the link about openid above. It will tell you about the secure way it is being used on thousands of web sites already. We have known about this technology for awile now but wanted to allow it to go through the beta stages before implementing it on our site so that our customers safety and information would not be at risk. We hope that this is just another way to make finding out information, leaving feedback and connecting with us easier. Thank you very much and if you have any questions or comments on this new addition to the site, or would like to know about using it on your business site or personal blog you can contact the webmaster by email at

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Main site being updated

August 26th, 2009 Comments off

The setup we have been running on the main website has been in place for over 2 or 3 years. It is and has been time for some serious updating. I know this down time is bad for you, the users and customers and I do apologize. I will make that pages on here for the HVAC, Propane etc as they were on the main site for the in between time. I will also post our hours – 8:00a.m – 5:00p.m. Monday – Friday and 8:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. Saturday. I am going to just do a redirect to this page until the main site is back, and both fully functional and tested. Again, I apologize for any trouble this causes, feel free to send feedback via the Feedback tab to the left, or the feedback area on our Contact Page. Once the main site is up all pages coded and transferred to here will stay available so if you want to go on and bookmark here that is fine. I just did not want our users to have downtime because of an update when we have a perfectly functioning Blog Platform running Right here. We have implemented so many new things over these past 3 or 4 months online. We have the Online Support Through GetSatisfaction, we have the Twitter updates via @almobile, We have the FaceBook page, both a regular one and a business one that you can become a “fan” of, the business LinkedIn page, new RSS links for our updates so that you can get them direct to your email or mobile device or PC RSS reader. If there is something we are lacking, anything you would like to see from us and have not seen, please go to the feedback tab, or our GetSatisfaction page and suggest that new idea. We always love a challenge and try to accommodate any request that are within reason and our capabilities of course. If you were a member of the main site, I am doing my best to update all of that without losing the members because we know how much time many of you have spent on our site and I do not want that to have to be in vain. You can become a member on here, and subscribe to be updated whenever a news post is made, simply click here to login or click here to register if you are a new user, or you can subscribe to updates through the RSS feed. I will post more when I know an approximate date of finishing the main site and until then let me know anything I can do or help you with again through the Feedback tab or email me from the Contact Us page here. We thank you for your time, patience and overall your loyal business.

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Get Satisfaction

August 7th, 2009 Comments off

GetSatisfactionIf you look on the left side of the blog you will see a Feedback tab, This is your instant link to our GetSatisfaction account. You can send us your idea’s, questions, tell us about any problems you may have and even give us some praise if you are pleased with the job we did or the product you purchased from us. There is a link on our Contact Us page to there site, where you can get more information. I did want to make use of their widget on here however, as I believe it will be an easier way to post your information since it is a one click process. If you would like to view the whole page please feel free to go to our full page you can do that by clicking the Get help! image to the left. Please give us 48 – 72 hours to respond to any inquires, we take your input very seriously and would love to hear anything that you have to say. We hope this is a useful tool in getting any of your issues resolves and will allow us a new line of communication between us in the business and you the customer.

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