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Mobile Home Steps-November 2014 Special

November 4th, 2014 Comments off

Fiberglass Mobile Home Steps

For over 32 years Alabama Mobile Home has been serving Tuscaloosa and surrounding counties some months we try to put one or more products on special. This month we have Fiberglass Mobile Home steps in both 4 & 5 steps, some with enclosed backs and some with the economy opened back. Due to a local company going out of business, we were able to acquire quite a few sets of fiberglass mobile home steps for a fraction of  our normal cost. All steps are new and have not been used and to pass on the savings we are pleased to offer these steps for half price or better compared to normal retail.

Special prices are for this month only, on steps in stock and while supplies last.

Prices :

  • Open back steps without a rail – $ 200.00 plus tax
  • Open back steps with a rail – $ 250.00 plus tax
  • Enclosed back steps with rail – $ 300.00 plus tax
Again, this is good only on the steps we have in stock, for the month of November and/or until we sell out. This will be strictly first come first serve. 
Thank You,



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Exchange Station

December 22nd, 2010 Comments off
20# Propane Tank

20# Propane Tank

As mentioned in the last news post, propane customers need to check their bottle for the date. This will be stamped into the collar area of the tank. If your tank is 12 years or more old they have to be re-certified in order to be filled. If your bottle has two dates, one older date stamped horizontally and one newer one stamped vertically then it has been re-certified and if that newer date is less than 12 years old, we can fill that bottle. However, for those of you who have a bottle that is 12+ years old we now have a propane tank exchange center. When you bring in your old tank, we give you a new style tank with gas for $19.99. For those whom do not have a bottle we also sell our tanks out of the exchange center for $39.99.

As the nights get colder, using a gas heater can help reduce the strain on your homes furnace system. We sell wall mounted, non-vented propane space heaters with 1 or 3 bricks. We also have a heater head that screw directly into the propane cylinder. It has a built in Hi, Medium and Low regulator and an adjustable BTU of 8, 12 and 14,000 BTU/HR. It also uses a thermocouple so that if the head looses a flame the gas automatically shuts off. When used on a 20 lb propane take like the one in this post it will last between 30 and 52 hours. We also have a great HVAC crew that can come and service the furnace in your mobile home. It does not matter if it is gas or electric, Paul has been leading the HVAC crew for over 10 years and working on the HVAC crew for over 20. Please see our Contact Us page, call or come by today and let us show you our new Propane Gas Exchange Station. We also still fill propane tanks and have the same prices as listed on our Propane page.

Last reminder, we will be closed Thursday December 23rd, Friday December 24th and Saturday December 25th for the Christmas Holiday. We will also be close Thursday December 30th, Friday December 31st and Saturday January 1st for the New Year’s holiday. We wish you all a very happy holiday and safe new year.


Alabama Mobile Home and Camper Service

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Winter Ready

December 7th, 2010 Comments off

Anti-FreezeNow that the temperatures at night are dropping lower, you need to take extra care with your mobile home and/or RV. Motor homes, RVs and Campers all need to be winterized as much as the family car. The lines for the water in these cold months along with the fact many only camp in warmer weather wreaks havoc on campers around this time every year. This Anti-Freeze for a camper is a non-toxic, inhibits corrosion and prevents algae growth. Protect your investment even when temperatures drop with burst protection up to -50ºF while lubricating the valves in your system.

For those of you campers who like to do winter camping, those who love to cook out in cold weather and anyone else who uses Propane gas we have our filling station fully operational during ALL business hours. We have a new delivery system and meter so we put the proper amount of propane in your tank no matter if it is one mounted to your RV or a small gas grill cylinder we fill them all. Note for propane customers, Alabama law requires your propane cylinder be re-certified after a 12 years. If your bottle has exceeded this date or has damage that could compromise the integrity, we will not fill your tank. To be sure, you can look on the collar area of the tank for the year stamped into the metal. If the tank was re-certified the new date will be stamped on the collar vertically rather than horizontally like the other markings.

We will be closed December 23rd, 24th and 25th for the Christmas Holiday and December 30th, 31st and January 1st for the New Year. We thank you for your continued business in 2010 and it has been a great year for us. From all of us at Alabama Mobile Home we wish you a happy holiday season and appreciate your patronage.

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Get Your Mobile Home Air Conditioner Serviced Before the Summer Heat Hits

April 1st, 2010 Comments off

ServiceThese last few weeks we have seen the temperatures climbing here in Tuscaloosa County and they are going to keep doing so. In order to keep your home cool and keep your a/c unit as efficient as possible routine maintenance and cleaning is very important. When your a/c pulls the hot air from your home in to cool it and re-circulate, it removes most of the dust and other air pollutants. This means that you will acquire some dirt, dust and debris during normal use and even in you have a filter in a return box in your floor or in your furnace if it is a split system unit, some smaller dust and dirt passes through. This passing dust will build up on top of and between the small aluminum fins of the coil and when there is any type of restriction of the air flow it causes the unit to work harder to move the air. This can also cause your a/c to freeze up and make it stop working. Once it is frozen, you have to cut the unit off and let it thaw and in the heat of summer, it can take hours and in that time the temperature of your home will jump drastically. Our certified HVAC team will come out and do a complete inspection of your unit, clean the coil with a special coil cleaner that will dissolve any dirt and dust particles even the ones so small the eye cannot see. A clean unit is an efficient unit and in these hard economic times we know everyone needs to make their monthly bills as low as possible. Call our technician out today and see how once a dirty unit is cleaned it will cool faster, more efficient and save money on your power bill.

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Tell us what you want to see

January 22nd, 2010 Comments off
Image representing Skribit as depicted in Crunchbase..

Image via CrunchBase

We hope that everyone is having a safe and productive new year so far. As many of you that follow or site know we have been trying to do as many things to connect us in the business with you the customer and user. We have a customer support page on GetSatisfaction for any suggestions or ideas you may have, a page on Twitter for quick updates, a Facebook page where we post quick updates as well and other things, a few small blogs on sites like posterous and tumblr as well. I am always looking for new technologies as the webmaster that will allow us to get input and ideas from our customers and users. There is a new service I have discover called Skribit you can see a widget on the right hand side of the site under our @Almobile on twitter section. What this does is let you the user suggest the topic you want us to write about here. If you have a simple question you want answered then the GetSatisfaction page would be the best place for that. If there is a topic to do with mobile home parts, camper parts or anything else to do with mobile homes you can suggest that we write about that topic. This is a new thing I have just setup, so I do not have any idea as to the amount of input that we will receive. I will try to write a news post or informative post on any topic that fits within our subject area. So please feel free to make use out of all of our tools at your disposal and again if you have any ideas or feedback you want to get to me you can do that via our GetSatisfaction page by clicking here of the Feedback tab on the left hand side of our website. We hope this is another tool you will find useful and thank you for being a part of our online community.


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